Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the Radar -- Secretary Style

From here.
What is it about the prim and proper secretary blouse that people love?  With its tie neck, it should say, "I'm demure and sweet."  But what does it really say?  "I'm just the innocent exterior to a fiery vixen!"  It's that whole librarian/secretary thing -- along with glasses, the secretary blouse is the secret weapon of women for instant va-va-voom.

It's definitely a classic, revamped for every decade of fashion.  It cycles through every few years, but never really goes anywhere.  Our favorites are the patterned blouses -- simple dots, stripes, feathers, and even gingko leaves. We try to keep a good supply on hand in our Etsy shop and the boutique at Brightside Gallery, and lately we have noticed that tie-neck blouses are cycling through again.

Time to round up some secretarial inspiration.  Don't forget to take notes!!

The ultimate in sexy/sweet, Doris Day
Taylor Swift rocking vintage style

Valentino blouse
Miu Miu blouse.
J.Crew blouse.

Our navy and white Gingko leaf blouse, available here.
And if you want the look without the actual blouse, try adding a cute vintage necktie to a basic shirt, like this one from our shop:

Available here.

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