Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On the Radar -- The New Filigree

For today's On the Radar, we thought we'd talk about about what we call "new filigree."  We call it filigree for the openness and lace-like quality of the work, and we love that the design is created from what are, essentially, scribbles.  I mean, these people know how to scribble -- I couldn't do it at all -- and that's what makes it true art.  They possess the natural ability to just know what works, and the skill to create such beauty.

By Angelika Arendt, from here.

I love the intricacy and delicacy of these designs, but don't think they are fragile.  These patterns are bold, and in your face, modern and fresh.  They can be totally abstract or, like the one above, can include realistic elements.

from emilylynchart on Etsy, here.
There's more to it than just art for your wall, though.  The new filigree translates into many different mediums:

Scribble Sketchbook by Maroon Lagoon on Etsy, here.

Sterling necklace by Helen Bunch, here.
Bracelet and ring set by Rich Made on Etsy, here.

And, everything old is new again...this vintage dress from our Etsy shop!

1960s dress from our shop on Etsy, here.

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