Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On the Radar -- Quilted

Whether it's an actual texture, or just a pattern, quilting is showing up in both fashion and home decor.  The puckered texture has, of course, classic appeal, but when you combine that texture with modern patterns and shapes, the effect is quite different than your normal homespun quilt or matelasse.  Not that there's anything wrong with old quilts -- I'm a sucker for them -- but the graphic appeal of this "new" quilting is really fun.

Not sure who the designer is...from
Trompe l'oeil quilted patterns are out there, too, but, personally, I think they read a little flat.  The true beauty of quilting is that pucker, whether it's just lightly quilted or extra lofty.  The trend in quilting has been going more contemporary lately -- look at the Oh, Fransson! blog for inspiration -- but these new patterns are to die for.  Can I just say...chevron?

Ted Baker Purse
Topshop skirt

Patterns in new quilting don't have to be just geometric, though.  I love this more organic design:

Rachel Comey 2013
Even if it's not soft and squishy quilting, you can still get the same effect.  LOVE this mirror with a quilted mosaic finish.

From Serena and Lily

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From our Etsy shop

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