Monday, November 12, 2012

Junk Love Monday: The Little Ten

Last week, we shared our favorite large antique malls in North Carolina. This week, we dish on our top ten smaller antique and vintage shops in our home state. Once again, in no particular order, here are our favorite smaller destinations for a junk fix:

1. Deja Vu, Asheboro NC
Run by two of our favorite antique dealers, Carol & Ernie Pollard, this shop has a perfectly cultivated selection of cool and chic. You can find a cowhide chair, a 6' high mirror, and French lithographs alongside rugged outdoor furniture and vintage signs. Plus, there is a bakery right next door!

2. Beggars & Choosers, Pittsboro NC
Great for Mid-Century lovers. This shop also has a bargain basement, as well as vintage clothing and jewelry upstairs. Plus, it's right up the street from the legendary S&T Soda Shoppe, where you can get a Cherry Smash and a sandwich for lunch.

3. Black Dog Emporium, Lexington NC
This shop is on Main Street. It is small, but has some great dealers who specialize in a wide range of items. You can find vintage medicine bottles, old radios, books, a little bit of clothing, and some great housewares. There is a great ice cream shop on the adjacent corner.

Here is their Facebook page:

4. Heirlooms Antiques & Decor, Asheville NC
This is in Biltmore Village, and the people are so nice. We like to go to the BBQ place nearby, hit this shop right after lunch, and then move on to one of the larger Asheville malls that is just a few miles down the road.

5. The Old Hardware Antiques, Cameron NC
This is a small multi-dealer antique mall, and the historic Dewberry Deli is downstairs. Apparently, we like shops that are close to food, especially if there is ice cream and/or cookies involved....

6. This Old House Antiques, Cameron NC
This shop is a feast for the eyes. It is small, but packed to the gills with stuff. We showed up 15 minutes before closing, and still ended up with three boxes of junk. Plus, it's right down the street from the Dewberry Deli....

7. Hong Kong Vintage, Charlotte NC
Another Mid-Century mecca, with an emphasis on vintage clothing. In a very cool neighborhood, with a very nice website. We didn't look for ice cream this time, but there probably is some. Our radar for sugar is top notch.

8. Design Archives, Greensboro NC
This place is part vintage, part art shop. You can browse booths of 1950s cocktail ware, followed by displays of local art, and they have an entire wing of vintage clothing. Cheesecake is to be had right across the street! Mmmmm....

9. Black Mountain Books, Black Mountain NC
My favorite used bookstore. I could spend hours here. Plus, it's a great place to get custom library stools. There used to be an ice cream shop across the street, but it closed. However, there is a chocolate shop! Book shopping makes truffles taste even better. Trust me.

10. Timeless Treasures, Southport NC
Lots of interesting items, and surprisingly, not too beach-oriented. There are several other small shops nearby, but these are a little more specialized (especially vintage quilts). And (drumroll, please), you can eat at the Pharmacy Restaurant a few doors down!

Go where we go! Keep them in business! Plus, we can almost guarantee a sugar high at some point during your trip.

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