Monday, October 1, 2012

Junk Love Monday: Oh, How Tempting!

 He's usually red, only sometimes ugly, and always pops up at Halloween. (Sometimes, he's a girl!) And, he's highly collectible. At the risk of sounding weird and dangerous, let's talk about the devil....


No, we don't collect devils. We have a couple of pieces that are part of other collections (a red lady devil swizzle stick, and a footed restaurantware mug with a devil over flames, like the ones pictured above), but in honor of those true collectors out there, we thought we'd highlight some wickedly awesome, devilish items that we've found lately. 

Vintage Devil Puppet
Devil hand puppet, from LemonIceBoxPie on

Collecting devils doesn't mean that you are evil, or of a particular religion, or crazy. They are undeniably cool, and it's interesting to see how he has changed stylistically over the centuries (or not). And, with Halloween just around the corner, devils are easier to find, and love (in a junk love sort of way). We confess that we're...tempted.

DEVIL Figurines  pair - Authentic Kasli Cast Iron Ural
cast iron devils, from Miltiadis on

Collectable Vintage Krampus Postcard
German Lady Devil post card, from SinIsPretty on
8 Original Vintage Halloween Devil and Thugs Crooks Criminals Paper Masks 1930s Japan
Devil and Thugs masks from TruetiquesInc on
Antique Vintage Halloween Trio of Devils Riding Flying on a Broom German Scrap
German devil decoration from santashauntedboot on
HARD TO FIND Vintage Halloween Devil Pin Up Style Woman/Lady Ballerina/Dancer with Red Tutu Holding Pitch Fork
Japanese figurine, from santashauntedboot on

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