Monday, September 24, 2012

Junk Love Monday: See You at the Office

We have a ridiculous number of collections. We freely admit this. But, we are capable of showing restraint (sometimes). There are many things that we love, but don't allow ourselves to purchase, because we don't have the space (or resources) to add that collection. Today's post is paying homage to a collection that we wish we could have.

Vintage Industrial Office Collection - Binder Clips Gear Timeclock Face Tool Box
Instant office collection, from toby11 on

 In a weird coincidence, we are both the children of accountants. This means that we both spent many childhood hours killing time in an accounting office, which would bore most people to tears. But, when life gives you tedium, you either whine about it, or you can figure out a way to amuse yourself. Find an unoccupied desk and plunder. Staple stuff. Remove staples from stuff. Punch holes in whatever papers you can find. Find creative uses for white-out. Learn when NOT to use white-out. Connect paper clips to each other and leave your beautiful chain in the top drawer as a surprise for the desk's true owner. Enthusiastically use the paper cutter until some adult notices. Flip through the Rolodex. Try each of the pens and doodle on the blotter.  If the blotter has a calendar, it's especially fun to add holidays, deadlines, and non-existent To-Do list items for the person who works there. Put Post-It notes on everything. File (or un-file) papers. Learn lightning speed on an adding machine. Explore the infinite uses for rubber bands.

Vintage fountain pen, at Collector's Antique Mall
Vintage Date Stamp, at Collector's Antique Mall

And so, we love vintage office supplies. It is always a struggle to buy these items for resale, because the urge to keep them and love them is so strong. We have kept a few things, but only to use them for their intended purpose. We are never allowed to think of them or speak of them in any "junk love" sort of way. We've just found that a vintage hole punch or paper cutter works better than a new one, and it was cheaper.

Hummer Line Rex Double Hole Punch, Vintage Industrial Desk  or  Office Tool
Sexy hole punch; from GoodlookinVintage on
Vintage Rolodex, from Collector's Antique Mall
Vintage staple from our shop

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