Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On the Radar -- Bamboo

Vintage Bamboo Purse from Ravenous Creatures
We Blackbird girls have always loved Asian influenced design.  Its simplicity, functionality, and respect for natural materials, when added to a culture rich in storytelling and symbolism, makes for an endless supply of inspiration.  Of the many things from Asian design that could be reinterpreted and reinvented, bamboo is probably one of the most common -- and most exciting.

We've been noticing bamboo for awhile now, and we think we're about to see even more.  Bamboo is a highly renewable resource in a planet that is running low on resources.  It grows quickly, and can be used in widely varying applications.  Bamboo textiles are all over the marketplace, from towels to t-shirts.  It can also be used for flooring, decking, and fencing.

From by Lotte van Laatum

What's most exciting to us, though, is the different ways people are mixing bamboo items into their decor or fashion.  Whether you go ultra contemporary, with some of the clean lined furniture pieces that are being made today, or 1930s-40s glam with vintage pieces, bamboo will add a touch of unexpectedness.  Just like when we talked about navy and bright colors, adding a touch of bamboo will be the piece de resistance to any room or outfit.

Indochine Headboards by Red Egg, from
Think about painting your bamboo to make it more dramatic.  In Ohio, we found a great vintage tray made from natural bamboo. It was large, sturdy and had a great shape, but we wanted color!  We needed it as a display for some clear glass decanters, on a table with a barkcloth tablecloth.We decided on a vivid lime green (an accent color from the cloth), and spray painted it.*  What a difference!  The tray looked better than new, and the bamboo-ness still came through.  And the decanters...well, they looked fab on it!

Check out the shop to see our vintage blue umbrella with a faux bamboo handle! 

Sky Blue Umbrella from our shop!

*We spray paint ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. 

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